Wiretap: Self-deporting from anti-Semitic Europe

Jeffrey Goldberg asks in the Atlantic: Is is time for the Jews to leave Europe? Goldberg has spent a year traveling around Europe trying to find that answer for himself. For half a century, he writes, memories of the Holocaust kept European anti-Semitism at bay. But right-wing fascist strains of anti-Semitism are growing along with the new threat from radicalized Islamists. And so, once again, Goldberg is asking what he calls the old Jewish question: Do you have a bag packed?

Tim Phillips, president of the Koch brothers’ sponsored Americans for Prosperity, warns GOP leaders that, if they don’t pass a bold, conservative budget, it could “blow their majority up.” Via the National Journal.

What about the vets, Denver? The number of caregivers in the Veterans Affairs system has increased since May, but not so at the medical center in Denver and its satellite offices around the state. They lost staff. As the Denver Post reports, the hospital wracked up the most appeals in the country for denying spouses and relatives of wounded veterans financial assistance en masse.

If it’s Clinton vs. Bush (again) come primary season, will we find ourselves nostalgic for the president we still have? Via David Remnick at the New Yorker.

As Obama pushes some of his major programs, it looks as if some Democrats are pushing hard against him. Via the New York Times.

E.J. Dionne: It’s another Republican 47 percent. Via the Washington Post.

The suspect arrested in Ferguson for shooting two policemen admits he had fired the shots, but said he was trying to hit someone else. His claim is met by some skepticism by the authorities. Via the New York Times.

Is Putin really missing, or has just no one seen him in public recently? Here’s what we know. Via Vox.

One day Republicans will have to reckon with — or at least mention — climate change. Via Sens. Reid and Whitehouse in USA Today.

CU Boulder will now start offering four- and five-part tuition payment plans for some students. The new payment plans may or mat not be more convenient but Bursar can’t say whether the new plans will relieve student debt.

Real life, and death, intrude on HBO’s “The Jinx,” a documentary about real life and death. Robert Durst, a New York real estate heir, is arrested for murder on the eve of the six-part series finale about three murders. “What the hell did I do?” Durst says to himself in an unguarded moment caught on microphone and shown in the last episode. “Killed them all, of course.”

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