Denver council candidate apologizes for breaking campaign finance rules

Wayne New Banner

Wayne New got some bad news today. As The Colorado Independent reported earlier, Colorado Ethics Watch filed a complaint with the Denver Elections Division about this City Council candidate. The political watchdog said New’s promotional materials and banners promoting his run for Denver City Council violate campaign finance law.

“This is the first time I’ve run a campaign, and I’ve made an honest mistake,” he told The Independent.

His mistakes were small, he said. He failed to report in-kind contributions from Paradise Cleaners, the company he plans to pay for printing his banners.

“All that was paid for by the committee, and we have all the receipts,” he said. “We just missed that in the regulations. We’re correcting it now.”

New also failed to print on his banners and other promotional materials the names of who had funded them.

“I have to go back and do that,” he said.

New, who said he has provided consulting and analytical work for 43 children’s hospitals, assures voters he is ethical, competent and meticulous, and that his campaign has complied with the regulations – until this blunder.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Colorado Ethics Watch