Senate clashes over largest budget in state history

The Senate passed the record-breaking $26 billion budget without the support of many Democrats, who felt they had been “shut out” of the process when many of the amendments they offered were blocked on partisan votes.

Twenty-one senators voted aye on the budget, and fourteen voted nay.

Democratic amendments included funding for rural broadband, teen pregnancy prevention and rural economic redevelopment. Those priorities are sure to crop up again as the budget makes its way to the Democratic-controlled House. Both chambers have to sign off on the bill.

Senate Democrats’ frustrations made a splash on Twitter, as did the GOP’s rankled response:

“We are funding to current law based on policies you passed,” said Senate President Bill Cadman, pointing out that most of this year’s budget is paying for policies passed when Democrats were running the chamber.

“I thought being in the majority when the budget came would be fun,” said Cadman. “I was wrong.”


Butting heads via Wikicommons.