CO protestors to McDonald’s: PR stunt raise not good enough

Some 50 McDonald’s workers and their supporters rallied on Thursday to protest what they characterized as a mere public relations move to raise wages to a dollar above the local minimum for roughly 90,000 of its 1.6 million workers.

“Raising wages only a little for only a small fraction of workers is a PR stunt to distract the public from what we really want – $15 an hour and a union,” said Andrew Olson, a local McDonald’s worker, in a release.

Protestors pointed out that McDonald’s practice of limiting hours and not offering benefits leaves half of its workers dependent on state safety net programs.

As part of the national movement for a $15 minimum wage and unionization rights, Denver activists plan to rally on the Metro State College Auraria campus as part of a 200-city walkout on April 15.

The Colorado legislature is considering a bill that would allow local governments to establish their own minimum wage.