Holy Week snapshot, CU Boulder

This guy, I think his name is Moszek, is riding around the University of Colorado Boulder campus distributing literature for students looking to celebrate Passover this weekend. He had two child helpers with him on Tuesday who would curl into a ball for fun and ride in the bottom of the campus Chabad vehicle.

College kids, strolling around carrying to-go coffee cups and Yik-Yaking about their sexual escapades, seemed mildly amused if not exactly interested.

There’s a lot of spirituality in Boulder but not a lot of religion. Gallup in 2013 found it the second-least religious city in the country. Roughly 17 percent of Boulderites called themselves “very religious,” which is very low in the United States, and even more dramatic, a full 61 percent of Boulderites said they were flat out “not religious.” Those 61 percent reportedly smiled crookedly after answering, smoke curling from their lips, the smell of “Brimstone Bliss” pungent in the air.

“College kids celebrate, sure,” said Moszek. “There’s families in the area, too. You looking to celebrate Chabad? Why not come by?”