Wiretap: Gun-rights group says: We need ammo to fight tyranny

Another Round

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners — Colorado’s main, hard-charging, no-compromise gun-rights group — will not support a law to increase the state’s controversial 15-round ammunition-magazine limit to a 30-round ammunition-magazine limit. “We’re no compromise. We want to see the mag ban repealed outright. We believe that it’s not up to the legislature to decide how many rounds someone needs to protect themselves against tyranny, no matter how big or small that tyranny is.” Via Complete Colorado.

Hard rock

And, on the ground in Grand Junction, neighbors are defending themselves against tyranny — the tyranny of loud music.  Tuesday, things turned gunny, when a driveway dispute over loud music ended in gun smoke, a bullet-pierced leather vest and a neighbor named “Boxer” gone missing on the lam. Via The Grand Junction Sentinel.

Moving on

After days of wrangling, the Colorado House passed a $25 billion budget. Now, it heads to the Senate, back to the house and back to the Senate pending changes each chamber makes. Where will all that money go? Schools, prisons, health and transportation, reports The Gazette.

TABOR trouble

Speaking of the budget, Douglas Bruce, the brain behind the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, has a criminal past. And Friday, he has to go to court again. This time, the Attorney General’s office has handed him a list of possible ways he may have violated his parole, reports The Denver Post.

Not guilty

Aurora City Manager Skip Noe wrote a statement to the Aurora Sentinel responding to the five city councilwomen who accused him of sexist and abusive behavior. His statement:

“The newspaper reports include accusations that I have mistreated specific council members — yelling at and mistreating them — and that I have treated the female members differently from the male members of Council,” he said in the statement. “I treat and value all people equally and, as I have said repeatedly in the past, these allegations are not accurate.”

Conversion aversion

Wanting to learn more about gay conversion therapy which the Colorado Senate refused to ban? Watch the Vice three-part video series on the therapy and the damage it does. “The practice dates back to the early Freudian period, when homosexuality was considered pathological and attempts to treat it were deemed appropriate,” reads an introductory note. The video makes the case painfully that conversion is no cure and that it is dangerous.

Earth shattering

Man-made earthquakes come to Oklahoma. In 2009, there were 20 earthquakes there of magnitude 3.0 or greater. The next year, there were 42. In 2014, there were 585, nearly triple the rate of California. This year, there are two a day. Via The New Yorker.

Still doin’ it

In the South in the 1960s, there were bumper stickers that showed a Confederate soldier saying “Forget, hell.” It’s now 150 years after Appomattox, and, as one Yale historian puts it today, “It’s over, and it’s not over.” Via The New York Times.

Welfare queens

The rich get handouts just like the poor. The Washington Post offers up 10 examples. Or maybe you forgot about the yacht deduction.


Social Security’s disability fund will start to run out of money in 2016 unless something is done about it. It could be time to ask the presidential candidates if they have any ideas. Via The National Journal.

Cut and run

What’s the matter with Kansas? Oh, you know. The tax cuts didn’t work. Will that make any difference in the GOP presidential primary? Via The Atlantic.

No shame

Rand Paul’s abortion comments weren’t a gaffe, writes Sarah Kliff in Vox. They were actually quite smart, putting the question of late-term abortion back on the Democrats.

Photo Credit: Program Executive Office Soldier, Creative Commons, via Flickr

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