Five videos about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid

Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president yesterday. Unless you’re living under a rock, you already know that. And you know her campaign made a video – a highly produced one to boot.

As of this writing, over 2,757,698 people have watched it.

With her video came a flurry of others – many critical, some satirical, others just plain nonsensical. They aren’t all good. Some are ridiculous. All are worth a watch, if for no other reason than to witness the spectrum of paranoia, creativity and absurdity that defines the U.S. electorate.

Getting Started

[youtube id=”0uY7gLZDmn4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

In her campaign video “Getting Started,” Americans speak about springtime. Hillary’s warm. The weather’s warm. Life in the U.S. is looking uphill.

There is no irritating voice-of-God narrator pronouncing doom upon the country. There is no bombastic politico speech. She presents herself as a wise and friendly person trying to make an earnest grab at the presidency.


[youtube id=”BXdNYXMQoy8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

SNL’s Kate McKinnon does a terrific job lampooning Clinton’s struggle to seem personable. In this parody of the announcement, McKinnon’s Clinton can’t keep her language warm and her smarmy husband out of center frame as she makes a cellphone campaign video.

“Aren’t we such a fun approachable dynasty,” McKinnon’s Clinton says.

Hillary Clinton for President of Lesbians 2016

[youtube id=”bWX6X2v9r_4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

What do U-Hauls, Subarus and cats have in common? They’re all fodder for LGBT-rights activists and comic duo BriaAndChrissy’s chirpy parody of Clinton’s video and lesbian culture: Hillary Clinton for President of Lesbians 2016. This satire of “Getting Started” does a better job poking fun of insider lesbian community tropes than it does looking at Clinton’s actual policy. It’s still worth a watch.

Boldly Progressive

[youtube id=”9vh858HsQlw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

A group called Bold Progressives posted a video trying to persuade the Clinton campaign to be, well, boldy progressive in the spirit of Elizabeth Warren.

The video asks Clinton to take up the yoke of economic populism by expanding social security, breaking up the Wall Street banks and battling the influence of big money in politics.

Why You Should NOT Vote For Hillary Clinton in 2016

Not infrequently, a crank gets a hold of a camera. We Are Change put up this video by Luke Rudkowski, which poses as an expose. In truth, it is a strained rant:

“What was she hiding?” Rudkowski asks in a nervous voice about the email scandal. “She was lying and manipulating and afraid of people finding out what she was doing.”

Love her or hate her, Clinton provokes a strong response.

Photo Credit: Hillary Clinton talks to the American people in “Getting Started.