Wiretap: National Guard brings drone training to Aurora

Droning on

Duck if you see a flying object speeding over the skies of Aurora. The Colorado Army National Guard is opening up a new drone training facility at Buckley Air Force Base, reports The Gazette. The drone of choice will be the RQ-7 Shadow. Flight will be restricted to specific zones at Fort Carson.


Someone unloading a gun started a forest fire in the Pike National Forest on Sunday. The U.S. Forest Service started fighting the fire yesterday afternoon and believes it will be extinguished by tonight. Most of Colorado experienced a fire-danger warning on Sunday, reports The Denver Post.

Off Track

In Colorado Springs, a train carting dry ammonia is the latest in a spate of derailments in the state, reports The Gazette. Multiple cars toppled onto their sides. Residents are stuck in their homes until the spill is cleaned up.

Marriage Counseling

The New York Times reports on the imbalance in the kind of law firms filing briefs to the Supreme Court about gay marriage. In short: “There are no major firms urging the justices to rule against gay marriage.” Right Wing Watch rounds up the five worst anti-gay marriage arguments filed with the court.

School Stinks

Problems continue to plague beautiful pathbreakingly energy-efficient Casey Middle School in Boulder. “The irritant smell of poop while you’re trying to teach or eat or learn I think is a problem, but I have not found medical consequences in terms of any sort of organ damage.” Via Boulder Weekly.

Traffic Jam

The fact that Colorado is a hub for interstate traffic reportedly has made it an emerging spot for sex trafficking and prostitution. Authorities up and down the state are running stings targeting customers, basically men looking through online ads for sex they can pay for. Fort Collins cops working online and in the parking lot of a hotel jailed ten johns recently. Via The Coloradoan.

Not I, Thou

Hillary Clinton is running for president. This time, though, it’s not about her (and not about Bill, either). This time, it’s about you. Or at least about all the people in her campaign video. Via The Washington Post.

Over Actors

But as Amy Davidson writes in The New Yorker, if the strangely stagey video is meant to normalize Hillary – and yes, she wants to be called Hillary — why did they pick such stagey-looking people to do it?

Take Two

Vox has two takes: One, on the campaign video as bold, fascinating filmmaking. Two, Hillary Clinton isn’t as confusing as Maureen Dowd would have you think.

The Eye of the Storm

The most important tweet about Hillary? It’s the one that everyone seems to have missed — that she will put climate change at the center of her campaign. Via ThinkProgress.

Another Newbie

Oh, and it’s not just Hillary. Marco Rubio is announcing tonight. And in the Rubio camp, there is much optimism that a young, first-term senator with great speaking skills and a compelling back story can be elected president – again. Via The National Journal.

Photo Credit: US Army Africa, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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