Sen. Gardner on Iran bill: ‘Now we can speak with one voice’

Colorado U.S. Senator Cory Gardner talked this morning on NBC about the U.S. Senate bill passed unanimously out of committee Wednesday that would define the role of Congress in reviewing any Iran nuclear deal.

The bill has been decried as interfering and divisive by progressive activists and media analysts. The New York Times editorial board blasted the bill this morning.

President Obama for weeks threatened to veto the bill. He reportedly agreed this week not to veto it after securing promises the bill would reach his desk as it came out of committee Wednesday, without amendments.

Negotiations over the proposal have been a flashpoint since it was introduced. Critics saw it as part of broader efforts by Republicans in Congress to torpedo negotiations between President Obama and Iranian leaders.

Colorado U.S. Senators Michael Bennet, a Democrat, and Gardner, a Republican, both support the latest version of the bill.

Gardner talked about the process that won bipartisan support in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on NBC’s “Morning Joe.” He was joined by fellow committee member Delaware Democratic Senator Chris Coons.

Click on the photo below to watch the video.

morning joe


  1. I thought we had one Democrat, and one Republican Senator from Colorado..Unfortunately we have two rat fuckers….

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