Taking a spin through Michael Hancock’s shiny happy Denver

Things are looking good for Denver in Mayor Michael Hancock’s first election ad of the season – especially for him. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who used her announcement-video to highlight the American people, Hancock hogs the screen.

He saunters through the new Union Station. He takes a trip on the Light Rail. He pedals on a communal red bike. And he zips around in a ride-share car.

The city looks sunny and clean, the picture of gentrified perfection. But a lot of Hancock’s Denver is missing.

There are no homeless people, no service workers clocking 40 hours a week yet going hungry, no unarmed teenagers shot by police, no inmates brutalized in the city jail, no high-school drop-outs, no potholes, no parking tickets, no traffic jams, no skyrocketing rents and home prices pushing residents out. None of that uncomfortable stuff blocks the upward mobility of Denver’s upbeat, on-the-go mayor.

Hancock doesn’t just take the sunny road. He takes the high road. He zings no potshots. He’s a positive contender who doesn’t badmouth other candidates.

He doesn’t have to, see, because he has nobody to contend with. Granted, there are a few people running to unseat him – but so far, they seem to have raised no money, reports The Denver Post.

So, here Denver is, without any viable alternatives in the mayoral race. After all, who needs options when everything’s so sunshine-and-roses in Hancock-land?

Want a ride on the mayor’s utopian bandwagon? See the video below.


 Photo Credit: Michael Hancock’s “Lots of Ways”