Wiretap: New York Times slams Senate Iran bill supported by Bennet, Gardner

Bad Deal

The New York Times editorial board rips the Senate bill on Iran (co-sponsored by Michael Bennet) as a “reckless act,” in which Congress needlessly gets in the way of difficult negotiations. Obama withdrew his veto threat, Republicans agreed not to add any amendments and Democrats softened the bill enough that everyone voted for it.

Pushing Buttons

Sen. Tom Cotton says bombing Iran would be quick and easy. Vox asks some experts, who say bombing Iran could be a disaster.

Science Says

A libertarian asks what does it take for libertarians and conservatives to trust the science on climate change. Via The Volokh Conspiracy.


Marco Rubio is a young man in a hurry who says he doesn’t “understand the wait-your-turn logic.” He’s moving fast, giving up his Senate seat for a longish-shot run at the GOP presidential nomination. He’s moving, moving, moving — but it’s not altogether clear where he’s headed. A profile of Rubio by Mary Jordan, via The Washington Post.

You’re Out

John Cassidy writes in The New Yorker that the young man in a hurry has taken his chance one election too soon.  Cassidy says Rubio is victim of the three-strikes theory of politics. The Republicans are holding at an 0-2 count. If they strike out in 2016, then they’ll go looking for a Rubio type.

Dangerous Certainties

Rep. Jim McDermott wonders how all those who were so certain about what would happen in Iraq and were then proven wrong are, once again, just as certain about what would happen in Iran. Via the Huffington Post.

Poison Control

Bedbugs are wretched creatures known to drive their victims to madness. One Long Island man, in an attempt to kill the pests, sat in his rental car, poured alcohol on the bugs, lit the fuel with a cigarette and went up in smoke. He suffered burns and the car was destroyed, reports Newsday.

Miracle Cure

What happens in an anti-vax family when all seven kids get whooping cough? In one case, the mother changes her mind. Via The Washington Post.

Photo Credit: Marion Doss, Creative Commons, Flickr

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