Shocker: Medical marijuana testing and labeling bill survives kill committee

That photo above doesn’t look like much. Look closer, though. What you’re seeing is the moment after the Colorado Senate State Affairs committee — the chamber’s kill committee, the place where the majority party sends bills to die — voted unanimously to pass a bill.

The happy sponsor of the lucky bill is Sen. Irene Aguilar, Democrat from Denver.

Her Medical Marijuana Product Testing proposal, Senate Bill 260, passed after testimony from patients who underlined how important it was for them to know exactly what was in the medicine they take. They said their health depends on the product being free of contaminant chemicals and mold. They said there was no good reason medical marijuana should not be subject to regular testing, like any other drug.

The state already requires recreational weed to be tested. Aguilar’s bill would provide testing licenses and require medical products be properly labeled with verified THC levels and a “cannabinoid profile.”

“I take Ibuprofin for my back,” said Sen. Matt Jones from Boulder. “I mean, that’s tested and labeled…”

Five votes to none, from the Senate kill committee. That was Wednesday, Tax Day, 2015. Somebody mark that day in a calendar.


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