Gun-rights advocate Dave Kopel shoots criticism at Dudley Brown of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

When it comes to passing gun control in Colorado, gun rights advocates seem to be imploding on the issue. Check out today’s edition of Colorado Inside Out where gun rights advocate Dave Kopel comes out with guns blazing at Dudley Brown and the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners – not directly at Brown, but behind his back. Kopel argues that Brown’s refusal to compromise is not so much idealism as a fundraising strategy.

Despite years of launching unsuccessful bills, the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners have never passed a single one, Kopel says. “An impressive record of futility, but only if you think of his group in the same way that you think of real gun-rights groups like the Gunowners of America or the NRA or the Firearms Coalition of Colorado.”

Kopel claims Brown told lawmakers, “Don’t work with people like Kopel because then when they pass something, it makes it harder for us to raise money. Dudley’s schtick is to keep people upset and angry and giving him money and to never solve any problem.”

Watch the video below to check out the rest of the dirt Kopel slings at Brown.

[youtube id=”RXilJPSyiUs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Photo Credit: Colorado Inside Out, April 17, 2015