Homebrew: Watch out – bullets are flying in Colorado

Shattered glass

The odd-scary vehicle window-shattering continues on Northern Front Range roadways. Randy Lingbloom’s driver-side window shattered Tuesday morning on I-25 about a half-mile south of Mountain Vista. It’s the fifth moving-vehicle window-shattering in less than a week.  Lingbloom pulled onto the shoulder of the highway where shards of glass fell from his van.  “I knew what was going on down here,” said Lingbloom. “I’ve never had anything break a driver’s window like that.” No bullets were found at the scene. A week ago, a Milliken woman was shot in the neck while driving in the area. Via The Coloradoan.

Northeast Side Story

Two more shootings last night in northeast Denver. One person dead. “The only way we can stop this is with the help of the community,” said Police Cmdr. Matt Murray, Via The Denver Post.

Big numbers

The Aurora Daily Sentinel has published a slew of stories already on the James Holmes theater-shooting trial. There’s no way the paper can keep up this pace, can it? On Monday, the Sentinel posted a story called “By The Numbers: Aurora Theater Shooting Trial” Here’s a sample:

4: The number of weapons Holmes had on him, including a rifle, a shotgun and two handguns

6,295: Rounds of ammunition Holmes purchased before the attack

$2.2 million: Taxpayer dollars spent so far investigating and prosecuting Holmes

More than 40: Media organizations requested seats in the courtroom

Trigger happy

Shoot or don’t shoot? It’s a life or death question, and if officers answers it the wrong way, they can face murder charges. To give reporters a taste of what it’s like to wear the shoes of cops, the Colorado Springs Police Department let reporters show their self-defense chops in a high-pressure situation stimulator. Via The Gazette.

Wrong crowd

Larry Stevens was a former Denver cop and a pal of Mayor Michael Hancock. Stevens has now been indicted for bribery. Via Westword.

Birdseye view

Longmont-based DigitalGlobe has directed its planet Earth cameras to swing over Nepal and take photos of the earthquake-affected areas. The company is asking citizens to crowd-source search, rescue and relief efforts. “The more eyes on board, the better,” said Kevin Bullock, DigitalGlobe’s director of product management. Via The Daily Camera.

No trespassing

What is going on between Aaron Harber and Eerie, Colorado, the town where he lives. Harber is a fixture on the low-profile journalism scene in Colorado. He likes to appear on television. He moderated congressional debates last year. But now he’s spending time suing Eerie over “his land parcel,” whatever that means. He’s also threatening litigation over open-meeting laws. Via The Daily Camera.

Photo Credit: Richard Roberson, Creative Commons, Flickr