Wiretap: Brutal cops, racial tensions, income inequality sparked Baltimore uprising

Class acts

Why Baltimore? Baltimore is not Ferguson, and the story of the riots following Freddie Gray’s death at the hands of the police is not only about cops and race. It also has to do with a kind of income inequality that is not just an economic theory. Washington Post writer Michael Fletcher, who has lived in Baltimore for 30 years, says the riots there were inevitable.

Fortune teller

The Baltimore Sun investigation of police violence — Undue Force – written six months before Freddie Gray’s death and before the riots that followed it.

Hard wired

Alyssa Rosenberg writes in The Washington Post about The Wire, the burning of Baltimore and the limits of art.

Peaceful protest

Nine powerful images of Baltimore’s protesters acting peacefully. Via Vox.

No joke

The Supreme Court justices may vote for marriage equality in all 50 state, if only to separate themselves from Justice Scalia’s shameful joke. Via Jeffrey Toobin at The New Yorker.

Strike out

David Rhode, who was held captive by the Taliban for seven months, writes in The Atlantic that what the United States owes Warren Weinstein, who died in a “signature” drone strike, is an end to such strikes.

Colonel Sanders

Bernie Sanders is going to announce this week that he’s running for the Democratic nomination for president. He may not have much of a chance, but his appearance is guaranteed to make the race more lively. Via The National Journal.

Real deal

Does it matter if Clinton is a real populist or fake populist if she actually adopts populist-flavored ideas? Via The New Republic.


Photo credit: urbanfeel, Creative Commons, Flickr

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