Wiretap: What killed Freddie Gray? Pre-existing injury? Suicide? Or a planned-by-police ‘rough ride.’

Rough rider

Some are wondering whether it was a “rough ride” — in which suspects handcuffed in the back of a police van are constantly jolted by an intentionally bumpy ride — that killed Freddie Gray. Via The New York Times.

Factors dismissed

We still don’t know what happened to Gray. But here’s what you can discount, writes Jamil Smith in The New Republic: That Gray magically killed himself in the police van or that he had a pre-existing spinal cord injury.

Time travelers

Rubella – the German measles – is finally gone. Unless, of course, the anti-vaxxers manage to bring it back. Via The Daily Beast.

Peanut farmer

If you think it’s impossible for any Democrat other than Hillary Clinton to win the presidential nomination, you may have forgotten the lesson of Jimmy Carter. Via The New Yorker.

Leftward leaning

Poll analyst Sean Trende writes for Real Clear Politics that Hillary Clinton’s decision to shift leftward is not because she believes it’s the best way to win, but because it might be the only way she can win.

Interesting choice

Whether or not you know anything about John Kasich, you should read this Molly Ball profile. He’s kind of a jerk, she says, but if he gets in the race, he could be the most interesting person in the Republican presidential field. Via The Atlantic.

Photo Credit: Michael Dorausch

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