Homebrew: The Southern Colorado Growers Association digs up dirt on anti-pot activists


Pueblo City Councilman Chris Nicoll is up in arms that The Southern Colorado Growers Association has been digging up information on two anti-pot activists by filling a Colorado Open Records Act with Pueblo Community College. “I think the opposition has tried to intimidate folks not to speak out,” he said to the Pueblo Chieftain. “That makes me want to keep speaking on this issue. It’s not just marijuana now, it’s about our democracy and our political process seems to be challenged [sic].” Speaking of democracy and political process, the college bungled the CORA request and was late getting back to the Growers Association.

More legal

Since weed’s legal – at least for private consumption – pot activists running for office have little left to advocate for. But several want to take things up a notch and legalize public pot use too, reports The Denver Post.

Morbid session

As The Colorado Independent reported a couple weeks ago, this legislative session has been haunted by Walking Dead bills doomed to be sent to the kill committee. Now, The Denver Post is describing this divided session as a “graveyard of bills.”

Log jam

Since 2012, the U.S. Forest Service has been planning to log 16,000 acres of the San Isabel and Pike National Forests, a relief to water companies and utilities in Colorado Springs, Aurora and Pueblo. In response, WildEarth Guardians has sued the Forest Service arguing the project threatens the Canada lynx. Via The Gazette.

Big rig

The Boulder Daily Camera dives into the fascinating story of the mega church that is eating Lafayette, running Christian rock services for thousands of attendees, establishing a real-estate empire, filling up roads and parking spaces and paying no taxes.

“During the past 15 years, swelling Flatirons Community Church outgrew a high school auditorium, landed in an old carpet shop, shuffled over to a 45,000-square-foot former farm-and-feed store, and, four years ago, fused together a vacant Albertsons market and standard-sized Walmart for its current 162,000-square-foot campus… On any given weekend, more than 17,000 people make pilgrimages to the Lafayette site… What is now Colorado’s largest church has since snapped up a former church in Genesee, acquired a chunk of the Lafayette Marketplace across the street from its headquarters, and last month announced it would hold Sunday services at the historic Paramount Theatre in downtown Denver.”

Photo credit: Dave Catchpole, Creative Commons, Flickr.