GOP women’s group features Confederate general’s photo

Talk about the Southern Strategy: The Colorado Federation of Republican Women boldly featured a photograph of slavery advocate J.E.B. Stuart (nicknamed Jeb), in an “on this date in American history” post on the organization’s Facebook page.

The CFRW could have chosen images of Union generals Winfield Scott Hancock who beat Confederate troops in Spotsylvania County, Virginia the same day Stuart died or Ulysses S. Grant who defeated Confederates in Raymond, Mississippi on May 12, 1863. The post mentions both. But nope. These Republicans chose to highlight the pro-slavery guy.

Stuart was a Confederate Cavalry general who died on this day in 1864 while recovering from a previous day’s wounds he received in his fight for slavery.

Honoring treasonous generals who attempted to overthrow the Union in defense of the African Holocaust might seem like an odd choice for modern Republicans who want to recruit people of color into the party’s ranks.

But after all, the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, right… It was about states rights – wink-wink, nod-nod ­– just good old-fashioned conservative values.


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