Wiretap: Presidential candidates bumble on Iraq; U.S. kills one ISIS leader; ISIS captures Ramadi

Should George W. Bush be blamed for ISIS? Where do the 2016 presidential candidates stand? Particularly Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. Also, is the U.S. winning or losing the fight? After all, Iraq took Ramadi.
"President George W. Bush speaks at Spruance Auditorium, Thursday, June 28th, 2007. President Bush visited the Naval War College as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Naval Command College. He discussed the on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the larger struggle against terrorism."

Equal trade?

U.S forces kill a key ISIS figure in Syria. Meanwhile, in Iraq, ISIS captures a key city in Ramadi, just 60 miles from Baghdad, with Iraqi forces in full flight. Is the American strategy on combating ISIS working? Via The Atlantic.

Fine art

Did George W. Bush create ISIS, as the college student said to brother Jeb at a town hall meeting in Reno. Dexter Filkins provides the answer, and, though the Bushes might not like it, it’s awfully nuanced. Via The New Yorker.

Iraq attack

Now it’s Marco Rubio who can’t seem to answer the easy question on Iraq. When Rubio fails to answer, Fox’s Chris Wallace keeps asking. Via The New York Times.

Corporate shillings

If Hillary Clinton is in search of everyday Americans, she won’t find them in the Clinton household. The Clintons are no Mitt Romney, but Bill and Hill have earned $30 million, mostly from giving speeches to corporations and banks, over the last 16 months. Via The New York Times.

Known factor

Why does America’s best known woman constantly have to reintroduce herself, as she’s doing again in this presidential race? Ana Marie Cox thinks the problem goes back to the time when Hillary Clinton was Hillary Rodham and First Lady of Arkansas. Via The Daily Beast.

Gloom and doom

If there’s a conspiracy involving climate change, writes David Roberts in Vox, it’s among the many parties — including climate change scientists – who are reluctant to say just how bad things are going to be.

Family matters

Water, drought, California and the Browns, father and son. Pat Brown was a leading advocate of California growth. Jerry Brown is trying to manage it. Two different men, but mostly two (actually, three) different eras. Via The New York Times.

Poor job

Ross Douthat: Churches are failing the poor, but not in the way, he says, that Barack Obama suggests. Via The New York Times.

Sad ending

Mad Men is done. The finale is finished, and the world will be split on the ending, as it should be. And if you want to read about it, please know that there are SPOILERS HERE!!!! IN FACT, THE WHOLE THING IS A SPOILER. How else you gonna write about it? Via Vanity Fair.


Photo credit: Marion Doss, Creative Commons, Flickr

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