Sturm College of Law’s new professor of weed

Strum College of Law's new professor of marijuana

Back in the day, lawyers who specialized in marijuana spent their energy defending criminals. Now, pot attorneys help business owners set up shop and negotiate contracts. Thanks to a $45,000 grant from Vincente Sederberg LLC, students can study marijuana law under a specialist at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

The professorship will be funded for three years, and nationally renowned marijuana-law guru Sam Kamin will take the job.

“Our state and our school are poised to take a leadership position in this important new area of law and policy,” said Martin J. Katz, dean of Sturm College of Law, in a release. “The rest of the country is watching. We need to do this right.”

Brian Vincente, one of the law firm’s partners, is a Colorado hero for marijuana activists and the author of the constitutional amendment that legalized recreational weed.

“As the marijuana industry expands in Colorado and around the nation and the world, there is a growing need for attorneys qualified to represent business owners,” said Vicente, in a release. “With the launch of this professorship, Sturm College of Law will be taking the lead in providing law students the training they need to enter this new field. We are proud to be able to support their efforts in this area.”


Photo Credit: Dank Depot, Creative Commons, Flickr