Wiretap: Twin Peaks shooting: Race, guns, cops and future shootouts to come

A pirate flag blows in the breeze

Fair shake?

White bikers vs. black thugs. Would the reaction — by the media, by the police – have been the same if the bikers had been black? Via The Washington Post.

More guns

And, of course, since it was Texas, the legislature, writes The Fix in The Washington Post, reacted to the killings by debating a bill on whether gun laws in the state should be even looser.

No good

Meanwhile, Amy Davidson wonders in The New Yorker why all the police presence outside the Twin Peaks restaurant didn’t seem to make any difference.

Coming storm

And police are now warning, according to CNN, that more bikers, and violence, could be heading to Waco.

Poor planning

The plan by the Iraqi government to train Sunni fighters to take on ISIS is another major failure. Now to count the ways. According to The Washington Post, the police force in Ramadi, unpaid and unarmed, had to beg local businessmen for money to buy weapons.

Future plans

The question on Iraq — knowing what we know now, would you have invaded Iraq? — is the wrong question, writes James Fallows in The Atlantic. The question should be: How will our experience in Iraq shape your future decisions?

Major donors

Ezra Klein writes that the media is getting it all wrong on George Stephanopoulos. Everyone already knew he was in the tank for the Clintons before it was revealed he had donated money to the Clinton Foundation. The problem is that the Murdochs and Newsmax also gave money. What did all these people, left and right, think they were getting in return? Via Vox.

About time

Hillary Clinton finally takes questions from the media. So, now we can start the Hillary clock again. Via The Washington Post.

Warren vs. Obama

In the Warren-Obama fight, it’s Obama who’s on the defensive and it’s Warren who looks like the one fighting for the working class. Via The Boston Globe.

Snowed in

Edward Snowden is winning victories at home while having to enjoy them from far, far away. Meanwhile he does his virtual video hops in spots around the world. Via The New York Times.