Homebrew: Environmentalists celebrate, politicians gripe about EPA water rule

Big splash

Many environmentalists are thrilled that the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Waters of the United States” conservation effort passed. Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner and Rep. Scott Tipton are calling the new rule a “federal intrusion,” arguing for local solutions, reports The Daily Sentinel.

Grande conservation

Speaking of local solutions, 25,000 acres along the Rio Grande have been conserved by The Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust and the 4UR Ranch. “It’s rewarding to know that lynx, and elk and moose and all of the other wildlife that depend upon Goose Creek will continue to thrive there, and never know the difference,” said Nancy Butler, the land trust’s executive director, to The Chieftain.

Open book

Wondering what went on in James Holmes’ mind before the Aurora theater shooting? Read for yourself. Via The Gazette.

Fine times

Problems continue to surface for embattled Colorado Department of Human Services executive director Reggie Bicha. Now, the state is facing a $1 million federal sanction because of unreported changes to the state’s food-assistance program, reports The Denver Post.

License to snoop

Denver police are giddy about their successes recovering stolen cars using new license-plate scanners. But some critics are saying the scanners may violate basic privacy. “I’m sure there’s a certain amount of law enforcement benefit to finding stolen cars,” ACLU public policy director Denise Maes said to The Denver Post. “But we give up a lot of privacy for what we think is in the name of public safety, and I always wonder if that’s something of a false choice.”

Pink panther

Never fear, Denverites. The “Pink Thong Bandit” has been captured. Via The Denver Post.

Criminal justice

The MacArthur Foundation just gave Mesa County a $150,000 grant to cut back its jail population, reports The Daily Sentinel. It’s part of the foundation’s national effort to reform the criminal justice system.

Photo credit: Mark Byzewski, Creative Commons, Flickr.