Summer training is on for Colorado’s conservatives

Whether you’re out to save state’s rights, your school board or your submachine gun, there’s a serious slate of right-wing political-leadership intensives coming up this June.

Mike McAlpine was one of the leaders of the anti-gun-control motivated recall effort against former Democratic Jefferson County state senator Evie Hudak. Now he wants to see like-minded conservatives attend two political trainings this June. Both the “Candidate Preparedness School” and the “Campaign Activist School” will be taught by folks at American Majority, which McAlpine calls “the best in the business.” American Majority is affiliated with the Koch brothers — two of the richest and most political conservatives in America.

“This will be extraordinary information, which will prepare us for success in 2016,” McAlpine wrote announcing the eight-hour intensives. “Please come and learn from the very best instructors so we can win and win again.”

McAlpine isn’t the only gunnie rallying conservatives to political finishing schools.

“Now more than ever we need more trained gun owners,” writes Dudley Brown, kingpin of the no-compromise Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.  “Not people who know which end of a gun the bullet comes out, but people who know how to effectively deal with politicians.”

Brown wants his team to show up for the Political Leadership School hosted by “his friends” at The Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership, a libertarian-leaning organization whose mission is “to increase the number and effectiveness of conservative activists and leaders in the public policy process.”

The Foundation and Brown are well-connected. FACL president Michael Rothfeld is also the founder of the the National Association for Gun Rights, of which Brown is currently president. Both organizations are staunchly pro-gun and have a history of supporting libertarian Kentucky Senator and Presidential candidate Rand Paul. Brown describes Paul as “more pro-gun than the NRA.”

Though conservatives have the freedom to attend whichever workshop they like, none of the workshops are free of charge and most of them are occurring on the same day, June 13th, a.k.a Liberty Saturday.

Pro-gun Tea Party rally. Image by Fibonacci Blue