Wiretap: EPA: Fracking doesn’t poison all the water…yet

No Drill, no spill sign protesting fracking.

Big gulp

The long-awaited EPA report on fracking says that it has not had any widespread effect on the nation’s drinking water. But it doesn’t end there. According to the report, there is still the possibility that fracking could contaminate water supplies. So, of course, both sides declare victory. Via the New York Times.

Rolling dice

Obama is betting everything on the mullahs in Iran. It’s the only play he has, but is it a winning one? Via Jonathan Alter at the Daily Beast.

True believer

Katha Pollit says all her liberal feminist friends do nothing but complain about having to support Hillary Clinton. Pollit says that she’s all in for Hillary and that every other feminist ought to be, too. And not reluctantly, but excitedly. Via the Nation.

Pressing buttons

As if to make Pollit’s point, Clinton keeps hitting the liberal button, this time on voting rights. She goes to Texas, on the same day that Rick Perry announces he’s running again, and calls out Perry, as well as three other Republican governors or former governors, for what she calls a “sweeping effort to disempower and disenfranchise” young people, poor people and people of color. Via the National Journal.

Another draft

On the other hand, Josh Rogin writes in Bloomberg that Clinton will have to come up with a better narrative if she wants to run on her time as Secretary of State.

First place

Matt Yglesias writes in Vox that Rick Perry has the best story to tell of any of the GOP candidates. No, really. We’re serious. Or at least Yglesias is.

Brain drain

What poverty does to the young brain: It’s another point of deprivation, as bad as drug or alcohol abuse. Via the New Yorker.

Moose loose loses

OK, so we have to tell the heartwarming baby moose story. Or the story that began as heartwarming and then literally blew up in our faces. Via the Washington Post.

Photo credit: Bosc d’Anjou, Creative Commons, Flickr

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