Guess how many Coloradans use marijuana; the number will surprise you

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In fact, just 13.6 percent of folks 18-and-older in Colorado reported using marijuana within the last month, according to new data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. That’s nearly twice the 7.4 percent who use pot, nationwide.

Some 49 percent of adults in Colorado report having tried marijuana at least once — on par with national trends.

This is the state’s first report on marijuana use since recreational pot shops began opening in January of 2014, and Chief Medical Officer Larry Wolk used the study’s release to point out that tracking data over time will be a crucial part of the state’s public-health work.

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In that vein, the report found that nearly 20 percent of regular marijuana users admit to driving after consuming — something the state has been trying to curb with public service announcements and law enforcement training. The survey also found that the average Coloradan tries pot for the first time at 18 (the legal age is 21).


Check out the full report below:

2014 Adult Marijuana Use in Colorado


Coloradans celebrate marijuana holiday 420 in Denver’s Civic Park. Image by Cannabis Destiny