Homebrew: Denver school-enrollment zones didn’t fix segregation

School zone

Denver Public Schools introduced enrollment zones to expand school-choice, increase diversity and boost performance. That was five years ago. Today, schools are just as homogenous and segregated as they were. This Thursday, the DPS Board of Education will vote on establishing the city’s eighth enrollment zone, Yesenia Robles and Eric Gorski report in the Denver Post.

Hot seat

James Holmes’ psychiatrist has been criticized for not taking more robust action when her patient expressed homicidal intentions. Today, she took the stand. In her testimony, she claimed to have been left in the dark by an unforthcoming Holmes. Via the Aurora Sentinel.

Gas blast

Two natural gas giants are wrangling in court over the issue of underground trespassing. As Dennis Webb reports in the Grand Junction Sentinel, Encana Corp. is suing WPX Energy for horizontally drilling into its mineral estate and wants an injunction before WPX starts fracking there.

Change guaranteed

Coloradans getting health insurance through the state-run exchange will pay more next year, according to preliminary rate filings reported by the Colorado Division of Insurance today. But a Connect for Health spokesman advised not to “take any of this information that came out today to heart – those numbers can change.” Via the Gazette.

Rising tide

Summertime is for swimming, floating and paddling, but not while there are flash flood and rock slide warnings. Torrential rains have left Colorado’s outdoor recreation industry hung out to dry, the AP reports in the Pueblo Chieftain. High-volume river flows pose a danger demanding caution from boaters, writes Brett Milam and Kelli Rollin in the Aspen Times.

Photo credit: Steve Depolo, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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