Homebrew: Pot activists plot next move

Public consumption

The same forces behind marijuana legalization in 2012 have their sights set on a new goal: public pot consumption. Wednesday, Mason Tvert and Brian Vicente proposed that existing bars, clubs and venues would be allowed to designate certain indoor spaces for vaping and out-of-sight outdoor spaces for smoking. So no need for cannabis-only clubs, like some have proposed. Your friendly neighborhood bar could become the new smoke spot. An open-to-the-public hearing on the initiative is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, reports the Cannabist.

Housing on the horizon

Nearly two years after historic flooding left dozens of families without homes, Lyons’s board of trustees unanimously approved a new affordable housing project on Wednesday, reports the Daily Camera. This vote comes as a reprieve for displaced residents who, in March, were disappointed when voters rejected a ballot measure that would have dedicated part of a local park to affordable housing development.


A levee breach forced around 20 residents to evacuate their homes in the tiny community of Messex in northeastern Colorado on Wednesday. Water from the South Platte river spilled out onto flat plains, slowing its momentum such that basement flooding is the county’s biggest concern. Via the Pueblo Chieftain.

Fall harvest

Wayne Williams, newly elected Secretary of State, is considering a new rule to prevent so-called “ballot harvesting,” reports the Grand Junction Sentinel. “Ballot harvesting” refers to a practice done by some get-out-the-vote organizations in which volunteers pick up and turn in the ballots of voters who are otherwise too busy, lazy or clueless to do it themselves. The concern is that volunteers would turn in only the ballots that support their preferred candidate. There are only rumors — not evidence — that this has ever taken place.

Cop out

Denver DA Mitch Morrissey has never charged a police officer for an on-duty shooting during his more than ten years in office. He is facing a recall petition for that very reason. On Tuesday, he cleared an officer who shot and wounded a man who apparently wanted to be shot — and knew exactly how to make the cop do it. Via Westword.

Photo credit: vistavision, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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  1. So patrons will be able to choose whether they’re going to consume alcohol or marijuana? That’s good because even if they only choose marijuana some of the time it’ll still reduce the amount of alcohol that’s consumed in this country and therefore reduce the amount of alcohol-related harm.

    I’d support that because according to the CDC alcohol currently kills 80,000 Americans/year while marijuana kills none.

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