Homebrew: Colorado Springs’ racist motorcycle club’s anti-Islam pig roast

Pigs on hogs

A pig roast scheduled for this weekend in Colorado Springs has local police on high alert. The Gazette reports that the fliers promoting the event — a barbecue called “In Defiance of the Islamic Holiday of Ramadan” hosted by the Infidels Motorcycle Club — were posted around Fort Carson before getting swiftly taken down. The fliers apparently featured a meme-like image of the prophet Mohammad, scantily clad women in burkas and a diagram showing different cuts of pork.

Seeking office

“House District 40 has lost an unparalleled leader and advocate,” Janet Buckner said about her husband Rep. John Buckner who died last month. She expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support she’s received from her community and announced her decision to run for his now-vacant seat. “I am committed to carrying on John’s legacy of making sure every child has access to a quality education and the opportunity to succeed,” the longtime Aurora resident said. A Democratic Party vacancy committee will have a meeting later this summer to consider candidates. Via the Aurora Sentinel.

Bungled affairs

The U.S. Senate voted to strip the Department of Veterans Affairs of its power to manage big, costly construction projects after it bungled a big, costly construction project in Aurora. Instead, that power would belong to the Army Corps of Engineers. This is one of several concessions Congress is seeking before building the rest of the infamous half-built hospital. Via FOX31.

Troll trolls

A new law passed this month means Colorado will start cracking down on “patent trolls” — those who falsely claim rights to a product or idea as a way to intimidate people into shelling out money to avoid lawsuits. According to an analyst who worked on the bill, American companies spend around $29 billion a year in legal fees dealing with trolls. Via the Durango Herald.

Earth moving

CU Boulder and the United States Geological Survey released a new study looking at Colorado’s 180,000 oil and gas wells, in an effort to learn more about the link between injection wells and earthquakes. “At the end of the day, pressure is really the ultimate culprit weakening rock and creating earthquakes. If you have a high rate of injection, that definitely creates higher pressure,” CU geology professor Shemin Ge told the Daily Camera. There are currently eight waste-disposal wells in Colorado that inject at what’s considered a high rate — all of which have seismic monitors per Colorado’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission rules. The USGS is in the middle of redrafting earthquake hazard maps to reflect the uptick in industry related quakes.


A four day standoff with a 30 year old man in Greeley ended without harm very early on Thursday morning. More than 30 patrolmen, negotiators and SWAT team members participated in the operation, though authorities say it was two robots that ultimately succeeded in flushing the suspect out. Via the Greeley Tribune.


Photo credit: Colleen, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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  1. Gentlemen, You have fallen into the progressive trap of attempting to slant a story to fit their agenda. Calling us “Racist” is using “hate” to fit their agenda. Conversely (as compared to this salmon wrapper) I respect their right to express their opinion. The event did not attack Muslims. If anyone would have discussed the true meaning of the Pig Roast, or read the details in the flyer, it was against ISIS, and what is the first word in the acronym ISIS..Islam. To those who have spend time in the military defending our country, thank you for your service.

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