Updated: District Attorney, federal attorney deny GOP chairman Steve House filed legal complaints against Attorney General Coffman

Update June 23, 2015 1:24 p.m.: Lawyers for the Colorado GOP are, in fact, in communication with the Denver District Attorney’s office, according to GOP spokesperson Owen Loftus. 

“They have been in contact. They have had phone calls,” Loftus told The Colorado Independent, adding that everything should be worked out, and all parties up-to-speed, within the hour. 

Update: June 23, 2015: As of 4 p.m. the Denver D.A.’s office maintains that nobody from the Colorado GOP has filed a complaint. 

“Media reports earlier today that Colorado Republican Party chair Steve House and/or attorneys for the Colorado Republican Party ‘have talked with the Denver DA’s Office’ about a controversy involving the GOP are not true,” wrote D.A. spokesperson Lynn Kimbrough in a statement to press. 

“It is always possible that someone will make complaint later today or in the future, and if that were to happen, please keep in mind that anyone can call and make a complaint,” Kimbrough continued. “In fact, we field an average of 540 complaints a year. We then review each of these to determine if a formal investigation is warranted or not.”


Today Channel 9 news reporter Brandon Rittiman reported that Colorado Republican Party Chairman Steve House filed a complaint with both the Denver District Attorney’s office and U.S Attorney’s Office regarding the high-profile coup attempted against House, allegedly led by Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman.

But neither the D.A. nor the U.S. Attorney’s offices had heard of House’s complaint, representatives told The Colorado Independent.

D.A. spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough said she received inquiries about a complaint yesterday and poked around to find that nobody in her office had heard from House or a GOP attorney.

“Suddenly today I’m seeing tweets and stories, and I still cannot ID anyone in my office who has talked to House’s people,” said Kimbrough.

The situation is similar over at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, where the state-level complaint would likely fall outside the office’s federal purview.

“I’m aware of no contact or complaint being filed with the U.S. Attorney’s Office from anyone involved in this matter,” said U.S. Attorney’s office spokesman Jeffrey Dorschner.

Colorado GOP spokesman Owen Loftus hadn’t returned calls prior to the publication of this story, but we’ll update as new information surfaces.

This latest news broke alongide a second denial of an extramarital affair from House, whose “mistress,” Julie Naye, was featured in a right-wing blog allegedly exposing their affair this morning. Left-wing blog ColoradoPols then released audio of Naye vehemently denying the affair. Pols also argues that the affair is immaterial and the real question is whether members of House’s own party tried to extort him.

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  1. My God, I’m enjoying this. I LOVE it when the right’s nastiness and inability to play fairly and well with others starts to turn inward. It’s FAR more entertaining than seeing them destroy good people for political gain.

    This is getting good, please pass the popcorn…

  2. Where did the meeting take place?
    In the AG office in Denver?
    Seems no journalist in Denver has nailed that down. Who are the supposed GOP attorneys who contacted law enforcement? Again, no specifics, all mush floating around in the Denver either-sphere.
    That Harvey guy, isn’t he a sov Citizen dude, or has such sentiments?
    Is Becky Mizel, related to Larry Mizel?
    On tape, Cindy Coffman claims she is the top law enforcement official in the State, adn then throws out the word “criminal” as to Steve House.
    Of course, Tom Tancredo would be in teh middle of things, as teh press continues to not get to the bottom of matters.
    Stay tuned

  3. Becky Mizel does not appear to be related to Larry Mizel, the multimillionaire developer, Republican activist, and Mizel museum philanthropist. Same last names, no relation.

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