Principal of discrimination-charged charter school leaves for similarly-charged district

The Longmont Times-Call reported today that BJ Buchmann, the Twin Peaks Charter principal who refused to allow valedictorian Evan Young to give a graduation speech in which he revealed that he’s gay and subsequently outed the student to his parents without consent, will be taking over as assistant superintendent for the Fort Lupton School District in Weld County.

Fort Lupton itself has been the subject of alleged discrimination issues that led to the resignation of two board members who had suggested that the school needed to hire a male superintendent for “gender balance.”

As such, the district had to close its hiring process, in which Buchmann was expected to be a finalist. As it stands, former assistant superintendent John Hoag will serve as acting superintendent through next year, at which time the board will re-open the search.

“Who knows. If Bud Buchmann works out, he could be our next superintendent,” Board President Mike Simone told the Times-Call. 

Photo by Dean Hochman.