Readers’ views: Family Research Council’s anti-transgender report

On June 18, The Colorado Independent reported that the evangelical political organization the Family Research Council had released a new anti-transgender report. Here are some of our readers’ responses to the story.

Diana Jameson:

The FRC realizes that they have lost the gay marriage fight. Now they are looking for a new group to publicly shame, demonize, and attempt to destroy. They have chosen trans people. They will not win. Science is on our side.

Vanessa Sheridan:

The FRC has been named as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. That ought to tell you all you need to know about this sick, sad, pathetic “organization.” They’re dinosaurs who are making a lot of racket as they enter their death throes. However, even a dying animal can still do a lot of damage. We need to call out the FRC (and other groups like them) for their lies, distortions, and attempts to marginalize gender diverse people.

Will Morrison:

These peopole need to worry about the log in their own eye rather than the speck in everyone else’s. I seem to remember that being one of the things CHRIST said about how to live from my days believing in that stuff. Since it was taken over by vermin like these people, I want NOTHING to do with Chistianity at all. I still think the teachings of Christ are viable, but his followers make it impossible to see them as anything sacred.

Christ said to get your own act together and live BY EXAMPLE. The ONLY example these people are involved in is in being the MEANEST, NASTIEST, MOST JUDGMENTAL SCUM on the planet. They are doing EXACTLY what he said NOT to do.

Why these vermin have their own state paid for sign on I25 is beyond me. I’d do everything I could to keep people AWAY fropm these people possible, not direct them how to go there and be PERVERTED by the HATE these people preach. It would be FAR better for this state to have people who CARE ABOUT HUMANS, not worry about everyone following THEIR way of life, esepcially when THEY WON’T.

The FRC is the biggest group of HYPOCRITES in this country. I would be just fine if they left the state permanently. Maybe with all the weed smoke, they will consider it. I certainly hope so.

Dee Omalley:

I have a word of providential warning for these modern-day Pharisees: you represent neither love, truth nor Christ with your public condemnation of a medical issue.

God is watching, has delivered the Duggars to judgment and will deliver you as well, shall you choose to continue to practice hypocrisy and interfering in the affairs of government.

How quickly your eyes become obstructed such that you forget that everything you do say would be true, were it not for immortal-created man becoming mortal. The loss of immortality as a consequence of disobedience was also the loss of immutability for perfectly created man and woman. Sin brought forth immediate judgment upon man, and with it loss of youth, health, and life.

Sin banished man from a perfect abode, and separated man from God’s image. How dare you distort biblical truth by presenting now-fallible, mortal man not as he now is, but as he was before the fall. Our bible tells us that imperfection never sprouts from a perfect God such that He created man perfect, immortal, and eternal, traits that were lost in the garden by choice of man. How dare you blaspheme biblical truth by saying that man today is immutable and indistinguishable from the only two God ever did create: the original two.

How dare you pretend not to know that sin not only introduced the pain of childbirth but the pain of a parent’s heart—-a still born infant; a malformed baby; conjoined twins; intersex infants; and transgender babies.

Your report comes not from biblical truth but from extrabiblical interpretation. God is not pleased. You MUST repent and retract this public libel about God’s children, which you know nothing about, and who are born with a body that is malformed. A blind man was born blind because of sin, but not because he nor his parents sinned, whom Jesus did heal. Transgender children so too are born and through God’s wisdom, also are healed by medicine. To them who have ears, let them hear what providence has to say.

Melissa Batson:

As a transgender person who works for the reconciliation of the LGBT community and ppeople of faith, I applaud your article.

Thank you.

Marie White:

As a veteran, it is especially troublesome that those for whom I have served to protect, find my being unworthy. What business is it of this “family reasearch” council to determine the fitness of military men and women? Clearly, the group is fraudulent by the nature of their positions.

Photo credit: torbakhopper, Creative Commons, Flickr