Wiretap: Rand Paul wants government out of marriage

Right side

The momentous Supreme Court rulings show how quickly America seems to be moving, and Politico asks whether the GOP can keep up. Every Republican presidential candidate opposed the ruling on same-sex marriage, some more vociferously than others.

Government separation

Rand Paul, the libertarian Republican, has a tougher road than his competitors in opposing same-sex marriage. His plan: That the government should get out of marriage altogether. Yep, that’s what he says. Via Time.

Flagging enthusiasm

The New York Times reports on the five days that likely brought down the Confederate flag in South Carolina. The activists who had opposed the flag suddenly found their voices were being heard – by big business, in churches, in social media, even in the college sports world, and by Republicans ready to shed the past, including not just a governor but also state Senator Paul Thurmond, son of Strom.

1o days

David Remnick on Obama and 10 Days in June. Via The New Yorker.

Great speech

James Fallows contends in The Atlantic that the Amazing Grace speech in Charleston is Obama’s greatest speech.

Cold cuts

Judge Richard Posner says that not only is Chief Justice John Roberts’ dissent on gay marriage wrong, but that it’s also heartless. Via Slate.

Money troubles

If you’ve stopped paying attention to the many financial crises in Greece, now’s the time to start again. The next few days, writes Neil Irwin in The New York Times, may transform not just Greece, but all of Europe.

Cruising or roving

So now it’s Ted Cruz vs. Karl Rove in one of the great heavyweight battles of our day. Please read. And enjoy. Via The Washington Post.

No fight

What is Bernie Sanders’ plan to beat Hillary Clinton? He starts with no attack ads, and with no attacks at all. Can that work? It has worked for him before. Via Mother Jones.

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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