Wiretap: Greece in crisis

Greek history

The crisis in Greece is about much more than money, writes Robert Kaplan in The Wall Street Journal. It was in Europe’s interest to embrace Greece during the Cold War. And it remains in Europe’s interest to embrace Greece during the Putin era.

Trying hard

Can the United States prevent a Greek exit from the euro zone? This much is sure: It won’t be for lack of trying. Via The New Yorker.


Many Greeks still want a deal and are willing to accept some kind of austerity plan, write Jens Hainmueller and Yotam Margalit in The New York Times, of the coming referendum vote.

Upward mobility

Eli Stokols — some of you may remember him — is now writing for Politico, and his latest piece is on Jeb Bush’s release of 33 years of tax returns and the story it tells of of Bush’s “wealth to riches” rise.

Different issues

Same-sex marriage is not like abortion. And Chief Justice Roberts’ citation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on abortion does not mean there will be a backlash on gay marriage. Via Ruth Marcus in The Washington Post.

Plotting revenge

In a New York minute, New York’s Democratic mayor rips New York’s Democratic governor, saying Cuomo hurt New York City out of “revenge.” Via The New York Times.

New lines

There is every principled reason for liberals to like the Supreme Court’s Arizona redistricting decision. But Nate Cohn writes in The New York Times that there’s no certainty that the decision will help Democrats gain seats in the House.

Winter is coming

Tunisia, which may be the Arab Spring’s lone success story, is now finding its young democracy threatened by terrorism. Via The Atlantic.

Photo credit: Sonja Pieper, Creative Commons, Flickr

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