Homebrew: Colorado birth control program dries up

Birth control

Over six years, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provided women with long-acting contraceptives at little or no cost, and teen birth and abortion rates took a nosedive. Now, funding for the program — public and private — has all but dried up. The Pueblo Chieftain covered the story locally, and The New York Times delved into what could happen when Colorado enters the dicey territory of free birth control under the Affordable Care Act.

Biker gangs

A motorcycle club comprised of troops, veterans and military contractors in Colorado Springs caught a lot of flak for the anti-Ramadan pig roast they put on last month. But according to a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms report obtained by The Gazette, the military community of the Pikes Peak region has been increasingly targeted for recruitment by the more nefarious outlaw biker gangs.

Stop this

John Houston is a one-man movement warring against red-light cameras, writes John Aguilar in the Denver Post. Houston sums up his position: “I don’t think it’s constitutional to have some robot send you a ticket in the mail.”

Smoking the competition

Westword’s Michael Roberts facetiously called out The Gazette for admitting pot legalization isn’t all bad after their editorially questionable “Clearing The Haze” series kind of claimed it is.

Rabbit fever

State and local health officials are urging Coloradans to be wary of tularemia, “rabbit fever,” this summer. More rain means more vegetation which means more breeding which means more bacteria, a state veterinarian told Associated Press reporter Colleen Slevin. Via The Durango Herald.

Flag fight

A 25-year-old Fort Collins man was in critical condition the night of July 4th after getting punched in the face in a dispute over proper American flag etiquette at a pool party near CSU’s main campus. The Coloradoan now reports he’s on the mend.


The Daily Camera reports that Rep. Jared Polis is no longer the worst dressed congressman in the country, since getting a makeover from a local menswear designer Ninox. The Boulder Democrat earned that title from GQ last year for an outfit involving a purple polo shirt the magazine described as “an assault to America’s eyes, a slap in the face of Lady Liberty, and a downright disgrace.”


Photo of IUD by Mara, Creative Commons, via Flickr


  1. Typical political response to a program that is working as it was envisioned, is cost effective, and actually improves people’s lives, CANCEL IT.

    This is what happens when you let those whose goal is to mess with YOUR life to make sure YOU live up to THEIR personal philosophy, especially when THEY don’t. This is all about republican’s obsessions with everyone ELSE’S sex lives and how they INSIST that YOU live up to THEIR ideals, even while they are out picking up strangers in airport men’s rooms.

    I think it’s time for republicans to get their heads out and deal with THEIR OWN lives first. Isn’t that in the book they CLAIM to live by? Something about taking the log out of your own eye before you worry about the speck in your neighbor’s? It’s a real shame they don’t pay ANY attention to the actual words of they guy they claim is their leader and savior.

    Stupidity is BIG in the right wing. It’s a real shame that no one else seems to notice this. They shold be voted out for this type of brilliance, but they won’t be. People will still vote these MORONS into office and wonder why things just keep on sucking.

    Republicans are NOT the answer, unless the question is “How can we COMPLETELY screw up this state beyond all recognition?”

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