Wiretap: Confederate battle flag falls in South Carolina

Never rise again

The South Carolina Senate votes to finally end the Civil War — or at least take down the Confederate battle flag — by an unexpectedly convincing 37-3 vote. Now it’s left to the South Carolina House to complete the job. Via The New York Times.

Damage done

Roger Cohen writes in The New York Times that it was a “sentimental illusion” to allow Greece into the eurozone in the first place. But now, he says, the damage is done and a deal must be made.

Greek to me

How Greece could leave the euro — and what their other options are. If you think it’s complicated, read this Vox explainer and see how right you are.

Snake bite

The hilarious Monty Python sketch that explains what happened in Greece. Via The Washington Post.

Mum’s the word

Why won’t Hillary Clinton talk to reporters? I think we know the answer to that one. Via The Atlantic.

Race to the top

Is Ben Carson in the top tier? How about Huckabee? How about the Donald? Byron York says it’s, well, fluid. Via The Washington Examiner.

Big win

The ratings are in. The U.S. win over Japan in the World Cup was a smash, the largest U.S. audience ever for a soccer match, even outdrawing the World Series finale and the NBA finals. The bigger story, of course, is not just that it’s soccer. But that it’s also women’s soccer. Via The New York Times.

Photo Credit: Ron Cogswell, Creative Commons, Flickr

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