Wiretap: Oklahoma’s 10 Commandments standoff

Stone cold

It’s an old story. The Oklahoma Supreme Court rules that the large 10 Commandments monument on state grounds is unconstitutional. The Oklahoma governor says she won’t move them. It’s standoff. If you want to know what comes next, thou shalt have to wait. Via The Washington Post.

Historical amnesia

As Germany lectures Greece on the “moral hazard” of writing down its debt, it conveniently forgets its own history, in which Germany failed to pay its debts after World War I and then had its debt cut in half after World War II, paving the way for Germany’s postwar economic miracle. Via The New York Times.

Europe’s future

John Cassidy argues in The New Yorker that what’s really at stake in the debt standoff is not so much the future of the Euro Zone as it is the future of the European Ideal. And only Angela Merkel, he says, can save it.

Nuke rebuke

If Obama and Kerry can get a nuclear deal with Iran, the question remains: Can Senate Republicans get enough Democratic votes to block it? Via The Atlantic.

Tis the season

The news from Washington is that you’d better enjoy your summer because come fall, just in time for Pope Francis’s visit, we will see another long and ugly battle over the budget that some are already saying could result in a government shutdown. Via The New York Times.

About time

Hillary Clinton finally does an interview with the national press. CNN gets the nod, and the biggest news is Clinton saying that people should and do trust her. It’s the kind of headline that should get her to do more interviews. Via The National Journal.

Trump card

For GOP presidential candidates, the whole game now is in getting off the debate bubble, in which it looks like nine candidates are competing for three spots. And it looks like Donald Trump is the one who understands how the game is played. Via Bloomberg.


Every Obama program that GOP candidates promise to undo or repeal only helps Hillary Clinton say that she’s the candidate looking forward. Via The New Republic.


Photo credit: Michael Coghland, Creative Commons, Flickr

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