Homebrew: Deaf man denied sign-language interpreter during arrest sues police

Lost in translation

A deaf man in Longmont says he had no way to communicate with police when he was arrested and jailed in 2013. Now, Longmont Police and Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle are facing a law suit. Via The Daily Camera.

Cars as weapons

In March, a Greeley police officer shot at a vehicle fleeing a crowded public park. Behind the wheel was Kyle Moore, wanted for identity theft. Wednesday, a grand jury decided not to file charges against the officer — even though he violated department policy. Via Westword.

Curious George

Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler spent seven hours grilling a psychiatrist about sanity on the 45th day of the Aurora movie theater trial Wednesday. If the jury believes Dr. Raquel Gur’s testimony that James Holmes didn’t know right from wrong, he’ll be spared the death penalty. Via The Denver Post.

This land is your land

A sixty-year-old man was killed by a stray bullet while roasting marshmallows with his grandsons in Pike National Forest last week. Target shooting is prohibited on public lands, not that law enforcement can do much about it. Via The Gazette.

Cheap rents?

Denver’s an expensive place to live, but unlike many places in the country, when it comes to deciding whether to rent or to buy, renting is often the better deal, according to a new report. Via Westword.

Feeding frenzy

The lunch lady who says she was fired for feeding hungry children has released new documents to CBS4 that she says will prove her case. “I was a good employee. I loved that job, I loved that school district, I loved those kids. I could have continued to be a very good employee, and I’ve admitted that I broke the rules and I should have worked harder within the system. But the system is broken and it doesn’t work,” she told the station.

Ballot flop

Edgar Antillon, co-founder of Guns for Everyone, was frank about his ballot initiative to make it easier for marijuana users to get concealed-carry permits: “This time we’re just going to have to call it what it is – we failed.”  Via The Durango Herald.


“Flipping the Bird” by Nathan Jeffers, Creative Commons, via Flickr

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