Wiretap: How far can Bernie Sanders go?

Distance race

In The Los Angeles Times, Doyle McManus tries to answer the question politicos have been asking since the so-called dark horse first jumped into the Democratic primary: “How can far can Bernie Sanders go?”

Good bet

The Washington Post‘s E.J. Dionne Jr. thinks Hilary Clinton’s economic speech on Monday will finally spur a “genuinely substantive debate” otherwise lacking in the presidential race.

Bush whack

As Democratic candidates call for policies that lessen Americans’ work load, Jeb Bush said workers should put in longer hours. Dean Baker asks, “Who’s the socialist now?” Via The Guardian

Greece deal

Greece struck a familiar deal with its Eurozone creditors in the wee hours of Monday morning: more austerity and oversight in exchange for more bailout and stimulus money. Leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras now faces the tough task of pushing the deal through Parliament. Via The New York Times

Oddball nation

In 2015, there’s no such thing as “the typical American.” In The National Journal, Ronald Brownstein asks whether e pluribus unum is still possible in a society chock full of differences.

Hard line

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa got to chat with Donald Trump over sodas on his private plane. One takeaway: Don’t expect the renegade candidate’s immigration rhetoric to soften up any time soon.

Short term

Vice President Joe Biden’s son Beau was among those nudging him to run in 2016. Since Beau’s tragic passing six weeks ago, Biden can’t think that far ahead but is grateful to throw himself into the work immediately before him. Via The New York Times

Changing directions

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s under-the-radar executive order to have Confederate flags removed from Capitol grounds has Howell Raines of The New York Times wondering whether entrenched Southern Republicans will increasingly “bow to the zeitgeist” as the political landscape around them changes.


Photo credit: DonkeyHotey, Creative Commons, Flickr