Homebrew: Court rules Denver nuns cannot dodge Obamacare birth-control mandate

Not a burden

Signing a form to opt out of the Obamacare contraception mandate is not a substantial burden on religious employers, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. A group of Denver-based nuns, the Little Sisters of the Poor, was one of the plaintiffs arguing that actively approving alternate coverage is a form of complicity. Via The Gazette.

Conflicting reports

The brother and cousin of Paul Castaway say he didn’t deserve to get fatally shot four times by Denver police in a mobile-home park this weekend. The family members say surveillance footage shows Castaway holding a knife to his own neck as he approached officers, not toward them, as police reports indicate. Via The Denver Post.

Jury in no hurry

Both sides made their closing arguments in the Aurora movie theater trial Tuesday. Now the jury has to decide: Was James Holmes sane? As The Aurora Sentinel‘s Brandon Johanssen reports, Holmes himself showed little emotion during the proceedings.

Reps on Iran

Gary Hamon runs through the Colorado U.S. Congress delegation’s reactions to the nuclear deal with Iran. Via The Grand Junction Sentinel.


Families that have lost loved ones won’t have to travel across the state to pick up death certificates anymore now that vital records offices in every county are linked by a new electronic system. State officials made the announcement Tuesday, The Denver Post reports.

To be fair

The Colorado State Fair has a 146-year history in Pueblo, but money woes mean the fair might need a new home. Via The Durango Herald

New digs

Boulder County may give as many as 120 prairie dogs, displaced by a new affordable housing development, space to run free, pending the go-ahead from the Parks and Open Space Department. Via The Daily Camera.


Photo by Matthew Kang, Creative Commons, via Flickr