In October, GOP presidential candidates will wrestle over economics in Boulder

Save the date! October 28, GOP hopefuls will travel to the People’s Republic of Boulder to debate economics in the third of nine presidential debates.

This one, “Your Money, Your Vote: The Presidential Debate on Economy” will take place at the Coors Events Center at the University of Colorado and will be sure to feature candidates sniping at each other over taxes, jobs and the national deficit.

While it’s unlikely many of the candidates will talk about the economic policies many university students long for – cancelling student debt and making higher education free – the debate will be sure to give students and all Coloradans the chance to check out the pack of Republican contenders and see if any of them have economic platforms worth endorsing.

“Presidential elections are often won or lost based on core economic positions, understandings and values,” CNBC chairman Mark Hoffman said in a release. “Our nation’s economy and place in the world, job growth, entrepreneurship and the pursuit of the American dream live at the very center of CNBC’s mission each day and will be the centerpiece of our line of focused questioning at this debate.”

For Colorado GOP chair Steve House, CNBC’s decision to host the debate here reflects the importance of Colorado’s nine electoral votes in determining who the next president of the U.S. will be.

“Each of these candidates have a plan to move us from the stagnate Obama recovery to the robust growth rates and wage improvements the American economy is capable of producing,” he said in a statement.


Photo credit: Ted Van Pelt, Creative Commons, Flickr.