Wiretap: What the Planned Parenthood video actually shows

Real impact?

What does the Planned Parenthood video actually show, and could it have any real impact on the abortion debate? Via The Atlantic.

Hit piece

If you oppose abortion, the Planned Parenthood video is a big deal. If you don’t, it’s not. Via Kevin Drum at Mother Jones.

Deal struck

How the Iran nuclear deal went down: Two sides dealing from entirely different agendas found a way to agree, but not without standoffs, tradeoffs, shouts and confrontations — not all of them staged. Via The New York Times.

Capturing Friedman

Obama talks to Tom Friedman before the press conference. If you had read this, you basically didn’t have to watch. Via The New York Times.

Limited power

Milbank: Obama’s press conference was a case for the limits of American power. Via The Washington Post.

Bad ideas

McArdle: Jeb and Hillary mostly agree about work, but the problem is, they’re both mostly wrong. Via Bloomberg.

Money race

Here’s who’s winning, and losing, the money race: The National Journal has everyone’s numbers. Hillary Clinton has a big deal, unless you count the Super PACs.

Why vote?

The best argument for voting in 2016 — in one chart. Via The Washington Post.

Snow fight

It took 9 1/2 years to get to Pluto – and maybe the biggest surprise was that it was well worth the wait. They found ice and snowfall and that the dwarf planet is a place you could have a snowball fight. Via The New Yorker.

Big win

Caitlyn Jenner wins the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS and gives a speech about the courage it takes for those who have to face the disparities that come with being transgender. Via Vox.


Photo credit: Photo credit: Elizabeth Ellis, Creative Commons, Flickr.

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