Homebrew: Mayor Hancock sworn in for second term; new council members anticipate power struggle

Strong mayor

The Denver Post published the full transcript of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s inaugural address on Monday as well as an article by Jon Murray detailing the new City Council members’ complaints about the imbalance of power between the mayor and the council.

Rallies collide

A pro-police rally was nearly drowned out by protesters chanting, singing, yelling and blaring bullhorns to call attention to lives lost at the hands of law enforcement. The clash drew around 250 to Civic Center Park in Denver Sunday. Via The Denver Post.

Policing the police

The Denver Post’s Christopher N. Osher reports that lenient state laws allow rogue police officers to jump from department to department after committing transgressions that would typically bar them from service in other states.

New monument

Supporters filled the Buena Vista High School gym to celebrate Colorado’s newly designated national monument. Browns Canyon is a nearly 22,000-acre swath of public land along the Arkansas River in Chaffee County known for whitewater and fishing. Via KRCC public radio.

Lightning strike

Three hikers were struck by lightning on Mt. Yale this weekend. It took responders several hours to get to their remote location. One was killed and the other two were able to hike out. Via The Pueblo Chieftain

Ads pulled

Denver’s ABC affiliate KMGH-Channel 7 was about to air short TV spots for two Colorado dispensaries before pulling them at the last minute. Now it’s in their lawyers hands to figure out how to carry ads on federally licensed airwaves for a substance that’s still illegal at the national level. Via The Cannabist

Feds in Craig

After meeting with Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell on Friday, Craig Mayor Ray Beck told The Craig Daily Press he felt reassured that the U.S. Department of the Interior will complete its environmental assessment of the Colowyo Mine by its September deadline. County officials brought a cardboard poster signed by local residents to show Jewell the human element behind the issue.

Photo of Mayor Michael Hancock by Jeffrey Beall, Creative Commons, via Flickr