Homebrew: Windfarm wars in El Paso County

Windy case

NextEra Energy Resources and El Paso County both tried to stop a lawsuit from irate property owners trying to dismantle The Golden West Wind Farm, reports The Gazette. The court has ruled: The suit will continue.

Wet wheat

For the first time in years, Colorado is out of a drought, which on the surface seems like a good thing for farmers. But for wheat farmers, stripe rust, a fungal disease, has hit their plants. In many places across the state, yields will be down by as much as half, reports The Denver Post.

High rents

Want to know what $60,000 can buy you in Colorado? A parking space and a dilapidated cabin are just two of the properties featured by Matthew Leonard of The Denver Post.

Animal attorney

“Justin Marceau doesn’t eat animals. He represents them.” So begins Melanie Asmar’s story about The University of Denver’s new professor of animal law, in Westword.

Taxi driver

A taxi driver was taking a patient home from the Aspen Valley Hospital. The two men started bickering and the squabble turned into a physical duke out. The patient wound up back in the hospital, and now the two men are facing disorderly conduct charges. Via The Aspen Times.

Tolling news

Headed from Boulder to Denver or Denver to Boulder? Watch out! New tolls are in place and if you get in the fast lanes, you might need to pay up. Via The Daily Camera.

Colorado’s Rove

In her last week in the office, Denver Post reporter Lynn Bartels profiled Ted Trimpa, a politico who helped push Colorado toward the Democrats and who was a major force behind the same-sex marriage wins across the country. The Atlantic dubbed him “Karl Rove of the West.”


Photo credit: reynermedia, Creative Commons, Flickr