Wiretap: New York Times blasts video attacks on Planned Parenthood

Movie review

The New York Times editorial board does a long and thorough takedown of the video being used to accuse Planned Parenthood of illegally selling tissue from aborted fetuses. As the Times says, the video shows “nothing of the sort” and is, instead, “the latest in a series of unrelenting attacks” on Planned Parenthood, joined by politicians less interested in the truth than in scoring points.

More than politics

Immigration reform is about more than which politician can yell the loudest. It’s also about the millions of families who remain in limbo. Via The New Yorker.

Class matters

What #blacklivesmatter gets wrong about Bernie Sanders: The economics of class do matter. Via The Week.

Sanctuary cities

Charles Lane: The unexamined risks inherent in the policies of so-called sanctuary cities. Via The Washington Post.

Poll woes

If the Donald Trump surge is such bad news for Republicans, how do Democrats explain what Quinnipiac polls say is happening to Hillary Clinton in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia? Via The Wall Street Journal.

Being Donald Trump

Frank Bruni and Bob Kerrey know we shouldn’t really be writing/talking about Donald Trump. And yet, here’s a column with Bob Kerrey talking to Frank Bruni about Donald Trump. The money-shot from Kerrey: “It’s all in his head. It’s the political version of ‘Being John Malkovich.'” Via The New York Times.

Open late

Obama is still trying to close Gitmo. Why has this been so hard for him to get done? Via The National Journal.

Quality over ratings

Bill Simmons and HBO are the perfect match, that is if you think quality is almost as important as ratings. Via Sports on Earth.


Photo credit: The Center for Medical Progress

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