Wiretap: 35 Bill Cosby sexual-assault accusers united on New York magazine cover

Cover story

New York magazine has assembled 35 Bill Cosby accusers for a powerfully dramatic cover. And in the article, the accusers tell their stories alleging Cosby’s sexual assaults spanned more than five decades. Last we checked, the story was down, so here’s Slate’s recap.

Shooting off

It took Obama a while to get there, but he has finally reached the point of outrage with each new gun massacre. Via The New Yorker.

Mystery man

The hardest thing to explain about Donald Trump’s position near and atop the GOP polls is what he actually believes. You can take a look at his many contradictory policy positions, as Politico does here, or you can just sum it up thusly: In the last two decades, he has been a Democrat, a Republican, an independent and a Republican. Who knows what he’ll be next?

Heading the pack

In the NBCMarist poll, Trump is running first in New Hampshire and second in Iowa. So much for the post-McCain implosion. Via NBC News.

Green thumb

Hillary Clinton is jumping hard onto the green bandwagon (and Tom Steyer approves). She is now calling for a 700 percent increase in solar power for 2027. Is that realistic or even possible? Vox does the math.

Naughty or nice?

Is the Justice Department being asked to look into whether Clinton illegally mishandled classified information with her private email server or are they being asked to look into whether someone illegally mishandled emails using Clinton’s private server? There may actually be a difference there. Via The Atlantic.


The troubles in Puerto Rico could have a huge impact on the 2016 presidential race, as more and more Puerto Ricans move to swing-state Florida, where they’d be eligible to vote. Via The Washington Post.

History repeats

Was a Texas county’s racist past a prelude to Sandra Bland’s death in a Texas jail? Via The New York Times.

Nuclear words

Mike Huckabee says Obama’s Iran nuclear deal is “taking Israelis and marching them to the door of the oven.” It may not surprise that some people are taking offense at the Holocaust allusion. Huckabee, meanwhile, doubles down. Via The Guardian.

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