Wiretap: Why the Lafayette theater shooter could legally buy a gun

Voluntarily committed

Why was it legal for John Houser, the Lafayette theater shooter, to buy a gun? Because although a judge had sent him to a mental institution, Houser was not involuntarily committed. And because he wasn’t, his name was never added to the list of those who are ineligible to buy a gun. Via The New York Times.

Scandal less

Ruth Marcus: Why the Clinton email scandal isn’t quite a scandal, although the fact that it’s a near-scandal is all Clinton’s fault. Via The Washington Post.

Not criminal

Byron York: Why the Clinton email scandal may not rise to the level of a criminal investigation, but why Congress needs to keep probing. Via The Washington Examiner.

Shifting focus

Charlie Cook says that despite all the attention on Trump and the GOP, it’s time to look at the Democratic side, too. Via The National Journal.

Target shooting

After Huckabee’s “oven” remarks, Obama goes after Huckabee, Trump, Cruz and any other available Republican. Not only that, he does it at a news conference from Ethiopia. Via The New York Times.

Gutter politics

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz – because he’s Ted Cruz — accuses Obama of “gutter politics.” But at least he didn’t call him Pontius Pilate. Via Fox.

Rand atlas

What happened to Rand Paul, once the most interesting man in the race? Via The Daily Beast.

Scout’s honor

Boy Scouts officially lifts the ban on gay leaders, with certain exceptions. The question now is whether Mormons will stay with the Scouts. Via The Los Angeles Times.

Photo credit: Kerry Niemann, Creative Commons, Flickr

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