Denver Post loses 393 years of experience in buyout

The final tally is in: 19 Denver Post employees are taking the buyout deal management offered last month.

The list includes star political reporter Lynn Bartels, society editor Joanne Davidson, theater and film critic Lisa Kennedy and veteran reporters Anthony Cotton, Claire Martin and Mark Jaffe. Presentation/design managing editor Damon Cain’s position was also eliminated, Post editor Greg Moore told Westword.

To illustrate what a loss this is for The Denver Post, here’s a list of the departing journalists and their years at the paper:

Tom Trout — 42 years, 2 months

Claire Martin — 31 years, 9 months

Lori Smith — 30 years, 8 months

Maureen Scance — 29 years, 11 months

Joanne Davidson — 29 years, 8 months

Steve Raabe — 29 years (almost to the day)

Allen Daniel — 27 years, 2 months

Vickie Heath — 26 years, 10 months

Tom Kensler — 25 years, 10 months

Electa Draper — 17 years, 4 months

Bryan Moore — 16 years, 6 months

Anthony Cotton — 14 years, 6 months

Susan Clotfelter — 13 years, 9 months

Jeff Domingues — 13 years, 8 months

Lisa Kennedy — 12 years, 3 months

Tara Lutzens — 10 years, 11 months

Mark Jaffe — 10 years, 2 months

Lynn Bartels — 6 years, 5 months

Dean Krakel — 4 years, 6 months

That’s 393 years of experience at The Post down the drain.

Tuesday, former photo editor Dean Krakel set out to hike the 566-mile Colorado Trail after spending his final days at the paper documenting his preparation for the trip. So, at least his post-Post life sounds pretty good.

Photo of Banksy street art in Boston by Chris Devers, Creative Commons, via Flickr


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