Wiretap: Donald Trump and the breast pump

Pumped up

In which Donald Trump is being grilled during a deposition and a lawyer for the other side says she needs a medical break and, to prove her point, pulls out a breast pump. At which point the Donald says, “You’re disgusting,” and he walks out of the room. The New York Times writes of these and other Trumpian tales in a review of hundreds of pages of depositions Trump has undergone over the last decade.

Democratic socialism

Bernie Sanders on what it means to be a democratic socialist. A conversation with Ezra Klein at Vox.

Bully vs. elephants

Milbank: For years Ted Cruz has been bullying his fellow Senate Republicans. This time, the Republicans are fighting back. Via The Washington Post.

Why sue?

Why Cause of Action is suing Hillary Clinton over her emails. Via an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal.

Biden time?

With Clinton suddenly showing weakness in the polls, is this Joe Biden’s moment? The National Journal writes that Biden could make the best case for an Obama third term, but Obama loyalists are sticking with Clinton. What will Joe do?

Spinning out

Long read from Tehran: The revolution’s midlife crisis and the nuclear deal. Via Robin Wright at The New Yorker.

Turkey tactics

Turkey has declared war on ISIS but is arresting mostly Kurds and left-wing groups. Is Turkey really helping? Via Time.

Happy birthday

If we didn’t have a 25th anniversary of the American Disabilities Act to celebrate this week, we probably wouldn’t have an ADA at all. Via The New Republic.

Photo credit: Mike Licht, Creative Commons, Flickr

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