Wiretap: Killer-cop cameras are the “C-SPAN of the streets”

…and action

Videos of minor traffic stops turned violent have changed how people view the relationship between white cops and minority communities. In Cincinnati, Samuel DuBose’s family said the officer would never have been charged, much less with murder, were it not for the cop-cam. One law professor calls the videos “the C-Span of the streets.” Via The New York Times.

Our Selma

In North Carolina, a court case testing the limits of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Voting Rights Act of 1965, is being called by some “our Selma.” Via The Washington Post.

And the winner ISIS…

The Taliban admits that Mullah Omar has been dead since 2013. It’s a blow to the Taliban and a loss for al-Qaeda. The winner, writes The Daily Beast, is ISIS.

Any winners

Doyle McManus: Are there more than two options concerning the Iran deal? Yes, of course. The question is would any of the other options work. Via The Los Angeles Times.

Help me

Obama is making it personal in his appeal to Democrats to back him on the Iran deal. Via Politico.

Bash back

Read the Clinton campaign’s scathing letter to The New York Times over the paper’s bungled story on the Clinton emails. Via Vox.

Data sharing

The Trump thing is getting serious: His campaign may be about to enter into a data-sharing agreement with the Republican National Committee. Via Yahoo.

Shut down

Where have you seen this before: Congressional conservatives are threatening to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood spending. Via The New York Times.

Not again

Meanwhile, Republican leaders — worried about 2016 — say there will be no government shutdown. Via The National Journal.

Photo credit: Peter Kaminsky, Creative Commons, Flickr

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