Reader’s view: Sen. Irene Aguilar on the anti-abortion video attack on Planned Parenthood

The Colorado Independent’s Nat Stein has been covering the recent hit videos against Planned Parenthood in “No stinger in sting video aimed at Denver Planned Parenthood – but it still left a political mark” and “Colorado delegates stake claims in Planned Parenthood frenzy.” In response, Colorado state Sen. Irene Aguilar wrote in.


To the editor:

As a doctor, woman, and state Senator, I know that reproductive health care is a major part of each person’s whole health. Planned Parenthood has provided Coloradans access to important reproductive health care for close to 100 years.

The recent fraudulent and highly-edited videos are another attempt to attack Colorado women’s access to safe abortion services. The makers of these videos clearly manipulated the providers to vilify needed medical procedures and research practices. As a provider myself, I am appalled by the violation of trust and the ethics of these actions. However, I know these extremists goal is to eliminate access to abortion and close down a trusted provider.

I also see these same extremists at the Capitol every year as bills go before committees and the floor. This year, I heard committee testimony on a bill (that ultimately died) that would have forced women to get unnecessary ultrasounds and make doctors provide biased counseling before an abortion.

My goal as a doctor, woman and state Senator is to protect all Colorado women’s access to the health care they need. That is why I stand with Planned Parenthood.

Sen. Irene Aguilar

Denver, CO


  1. Thanks for your support of PP! Almost every woman has used the services in their life. Not only abortions
    Safe and clean and emotionally supportive but for a cancer screening when I was young and had no insurance and again when I was going through menopause. I am grateful an especially because it is scientific and secular and all options are discussed with no secrets or guilt trips. Now we must support this good work for our grand daughters too!Thank you

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